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I came to see Preston Wilson in Memphis, TN at his office yesterday regarding a Tenant/Landlord Law sexual abuse by an authority figure, situation and he was absolutely superb! Not only was he exceptional answering my questions but he also invited another attorney into the meeting for more helpful advice as my case is unique and very complex. He simply asked me what my goals were and after explaining, he told me to make a plan of A, B and C. He explained in detail prividing the law point blank from both the Criminal side and Civil side of the violations the property manager is up against and encouraged me to write the man a letter all on my own and demand what is lawfully due to me.

If after C did not work out in my favor to come back to him and he would gladly take care of it for me and I feel VERY confident of this man representing ANYONE regardless of what it regards and I hold him to the highst degree of integrity and respect! Thank-you again Mr. Preston Wilson for your expertise and knowledge and may God bless you!!

happy client

April 9th, 2015