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From Business Concept to Closure, Done Right

Starting up, buying in, or moving on — Preston Wilson helps your business journey feel more seamless and clear.

In the dynamic world of business, having a trusted hand to guide you is invaluable. Preston has been a pillar of the Memphis, TN business community for over 35 years, assisting countless locals in launching ventures, making acquisitions, or transitioning businesses. Lean on his expertise, and discover a journey where daunting legal hurdles transform into a seamless, straight-forward path.

Where Expertise Meets Compassion

Preston Wilson, Attorney at Law

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Three Key Advantages of Partnering with Preston

Whether you’re the buyer or seller in closing on the sale of a business or a visionary looking for help with business formation, let Preston Wilson bridge your business aspirations with trusted legal clarity.


Guidance with a Personal Touch

Preston’s approach goes beyond standard advice. He immerses himself in your vision, providing counsel that’s not just expert, but also profoundly attuned to your unique aspirations.


Every Client, A Cherished Connection

Preston’s dedication to Memphis extends to its people. His commitment to you is more than just professional; it’s deeply personal, ensuring a bond that feels genuine, heartfelt, and enduring.


Turning Challenges into Achievable Steps

With Preston, the often overwhelming world of business law becomes a journey of manageable milestones. He’s there to decode, to simplify, ensuring that you move forward with both clarity and conviction.

Embrace the Shift, Not Just the Start.

Your business journey isn’t solely about the exciting beginning; it’s about foreseeing the potential bends, twists, and pivots down the road.


In the realm of business, anticipation is a powerful asset. Many venture into the world of commerce with dreams and aspirations, focusing solely on the launch of their enterprise. While the inception of a business is undoubtedly thrilling, true success lies in the capability to adapt, transform, and sometimes even transition.

Preston has witnessed firsthand the trials and tribulations faced by businesses that were ill-prepared for the inevitable changes that the business landscape throws their way. Whether it’s regulatory changes, market shifts, or internal restructuring, the ability to nimbly navigate these challenges often spells the difference between growth and stagnation. And when it’s time to pass the baton, whether selling or transitioning, the path must be tread with care, ensuring that the legacy of hard work and passion continues seamlessly.

So, while the world celebrates the courage it takes to start, Preston champions the wisdom in planning for the journey ahead. It’s this foresight, combined with years of expertise, that he brings to the table, helping you not just to start but to flourish, adapt, and when the time is right, transition gracefully.

Why Handpick Preston for Your Business Milestones?

When charting out pivotal business milestones, the counsel you choose can make all the difference. Preston’s dedication goes beyond just legal guidance.

With a deep understanding of the Memphis business landscape, paired with years of hands-on experience, he ensures that every significant step you take aligns with both your immediate goals and long-term vision. Whether you’re initiating, transitioning, or transforming, with Preston, you’re not just getting a lawyer; you’re gaining a strategic partner dedicated to your business success.

Is Your Business Blueprint Future-Proof?

Crafting a business journey demands more than just keen insight; it requires foresight and adaptability. With Preston, you’re ensuring not just a solid start, but a pathway designed for longevity and success.

Navigating the complexities of business formation and transitions isn’t just about today’s decisions; it’s about ensuring your choices stand the test of time. Preston Wilson understands the intricate weave of Memphis’ business tapestry and is adept at tailoring strategies that don’t just fit today’s landscape but are also equipped for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

When you partner with Preston, you’re ensuring that your business blueprint is not just functional, but also forward-thinking. It’s time to lay a foundation that’s resilient, robust, and ready for the future.