Preston Wilson Can Help You through the Difficult Probate Process and Give You Solace.

It can be comforting to work with a probate lawyer who’s primary focus remains on helping his clients get more peace of mind. Preston has been practicing law in Memphis, TN for over 35 years and guided many Memphians through the probate process. With his knowledge, insight, down-to-earth style he can make your experience smoother.

A probate attorney in Memphis, TN that’s for Memphians.

The passing of a loved one can cause many emotions to surface. It’s a huge a burden for grieving family members to have to deal with funeral arrangements, reaching out to extended family and handling all the other details involved with the process. If you have been appointed to administer your loved one’s estate, Preston Wilson can help.


Speed Up the Probate Process

There are several factors that can cause the probate process to take a long time. Working with the right lawyer may help you prevent undue delays. Preston is all about the little details and beginning with a clear outcome in mind. This helps his clients avoid as many frustrating setbacks as possible. 

Ease Your Stress and Reclaim Peace of Mind

With probate, there can be a lot at stake. It’s not all about the assets, it’s also about the people and their values. Having the right legal representation during this process can reduce your stress by helping you have clear insight into what has to be done and how it can be taken care of – no more wondering.

Get All the Little Details Taken Care of

The probate process can be very complex and demanding. It also happens during some of the most stressful times of people’s lives. Trying to meet the deadlines and requirements while keeping up with everything else you have to do is a lot to take on. Let Preston help you get back on track. 

Avoid Common Probate Mistakes 

Probate is a complex process with a lot of room for error but little tolerance for it. Even if you’ve been through this process before, you want a probate lawyer by your side who can help you side-step potential mistakes.

The last thing you want is more delays, but mistakes make probate take longer. Here are some of the most common probate mistakes people make – keep in mind that this list isn’t comprehensive.

Common Probate Mistakes:

  • Failing to secure the estate’s assets in a timely manner
  • Waiting too long to begin the probate process
  • Not taking inventory of the estate
  •  Forgetting to check the deceased’s mail
  • Being too quick to distribute assets
  • Not communicating with all the beneficiaries
  • Neglecting to get educated on the probate process
  • Letting friends and/or family handle jobs best left to professionals


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Looking for a probate lawyer in Memphis, TN? Then you want Preston Wilson.


Let Preston Wilson be your probate lawyer in Memphis, TN. Probate is one of his top practice areas. He knows what a trying and stressful time it can be when the need for probate arises. He’s passionate about guiding Memphians through complex legal matters like probate and making the experience go more smoothly for them. Why stress more? Reach out to Preston Wilson now.

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