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My name is Preston Wilson.

Let me provide you with peace of mind as you face life’s uncertainties. Come see for yourself why I continue to be the go-to lawyer for estate planning, probate, business law and bankruptcy clients in Memphis, TN and the Mid-South since 1978.

Where Expertise Meets Compassion

Preston Wilson, Attorney at Law

Licensed to Serve in Tennessee and Mississippi

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Estate Planning, Wills, & Trusts

Estate planning is the most effective way to protect your family in the event of sudden injury, disability or death. Preparing for life’s uncertainties is an uncomfortable task, but having the right lawyer makes it easier. Preston Wilson understands people well and is great at preparing wills and trusts.


The probate process can be long and stressful, with many options and deadlines to consider. Preston Wilson helps families settle the estates of loved ones. He can be with you through the entire process, bringing you peace of mind by answering your questions and helping to make sure your loved one’s wishes are followed and carried out.

Business Law

Remember the old Fram oil filter commercial? “You can pay me now, or pay me later.” The same applies to a business, whether a new or existing. Getting good legal advice in the beginning can set you in the right direction, and save you lots of money. Avoiding legal problems is a lot less expensive that trying to fix them after they arise.

Personal & Business Bankruptcy

Sometimes filing for bankruptcy is the only option left for getting out of debt. When you must go with this option, what’s important is maintaining your dignity and peace of mind. You want the process to go smoothly with all the little complexities made clear and simple to navigate and understand. Let Preston guide you through the process.

Proudly Born and Raised in Memphis, TN

Experience matters, especially when it comes to practicing law.  I’m a true Memphian, born and raised within the community that I now continue to serve, practicing law since 1978. My passion for providing my clients with a great experience is as deep as my roots.

Why Go With Preston?

His passion for people makes a big difference…

With well over 35 years of experience serving the Memphis community, Preston combines his vast legal knowledge with a genuine commitment to your well-being. He’s not here just to offer advice; he’s here to provide understanding, clarity, and peace of mind. Preston is a trusted partner on your journey through life’s legal intricacies.

Whether you’re planning your estate, navigating probate, considering bankruptcy, or seeking counsel on business matters, Preston’s expertise is your compass.

What truly sets Preston apart is his down-to-earth approach and deep roots in Memphis. He’s not just your attorney; he’s your neighbor, your friend, and a pillar of the community. With Preston by your side, you’re not just a case; you’re a person with unique needs and dreams, deserving of personalized attention and unwavering support.

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